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Wedding Rings

Your wedding ring is a most significant item of jewellery for both you and your partner. It is a constant reminder of the happiness you share. The wedding ring is to complement an existing engagement ring, and therefore may require a fitted profile. A fitted or curved wedder is designed to be an exact fit, so that settings of an engagement ring are not compromised by another ring being worn next to it.

The design of the engagement ring will determine the final choice of a wedding ring. If you choose to have diamonds set into the wedding ring, the diamonds will be matched in colour and clarity to the engagement ring, ensuring that the two rings are complementary to one another.

Wedding rings can be plain or diamond set, curved or fitted. In almost all instances, gold is the preferred and recommended metal. It is a valuable and durable metal. Gold, though traditionally yellow, can be in white or rose in colour.

Some wedding rings are made of platinum, an excellent white colour, and considerably more expensive than 18ct white gold.

Matching wedding rings are the preferred choice for many couples, and are a tangible reminder of your love to each other. And remember, diamonds are not just for the girls. Men can enjoy wearing a stylish wedding ring set with diamonds of their choice.