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Natural Coloured Gemstones

The glory of colour in fine gem stones has been appreciated since ancient times, and today colour still tantalizes the most fastidious buyer, searching for that particular shade that may represent all manner of feelings..........passion, energy, peace, happiness and of course the most universal, love.

Of the finest natural gemstones, the big three come to mind, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Though the traditional choice has long been for one of these, the shades of lesser known gemstones can create a piece of jewellery that is both exquisite and certainly unique.

Natural coloured gemstones are trend setters, often determined by other factors such as fashion, celebrity status, and world events. Your choice of a beautiful coloured stone may be as individual as you are, and LPJ can assist you with your desired stone.

Like diamonds, natural gemstones must be well cut to show off their crowning glory, the colour. The choice of metal for setting a ring or pendant is extremely important. Gold, whether yellow, white or rose, has its own colour characteristics, and can add or take away from the fire and vitality of a natural coloured gemstone.

Your selection of a so called "birthstone" can be a tangible reminder of a birthday, mark a graduation perhaps, or help form a constant memory of someone dearly loved. Your choice of colour may simply be just that, personal choice. Whatever the colour, it will be adoring and spectacular.

At LPJ we enjoy the challenge of searching for that one stone, where size, shape, and of course colour meet all your hopes, for your stunning showpiece.