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The diamond is traditionally the most desired stone for an engagement ring. Regardless of carat weight, it must be well cut, as white as possible in colour, and as internally clean as possible.

In consideration of the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight, ( known as the 4 Cs) the most perfect diamond in each of these categories will attract the higher price, but will capture the most perceptive eye too.

Big is not always beautiful, and the choice of a diamond should not be compromised in colour and clarity simply to buy a large stone. In the end, the result could be very disappointing.

Diamond rings should be accompanied with a fully documented certificate or valuation, which represents accurate details regarding the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight of the stones. This information is essential for both the customer and the manufacturer's records.

The choice for natural coloured stones will also be determined by the depth and clarity of colour. As diamonds are graded, so too are coloured stones. Sapphires, emeralds, rubies all vary in shades and depths of colour. These beautiful stones are much sought after, and in a well made ring, can capture the eye and heart of the wearer.