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Ben Nicholls

Ben Nicholls is the great-great grandson of John Edward Piper, who in 1882, founded his business as a workshop of watch-making, jewellery and engraving.

It is at the bench of his grandfather Graeme, that Ben now spends his working day, producing jewellery that is both traditional and contemporary, timeless and eclectic.

As a 15 year old, Ben would visit the workshop after school, and under instruction, learn the intricate techniques in fine jewellery manufacturing.

Ben's understanding of style embraces colour, form and balance, and an artistic nuance which is shaping his reputation as a designer of fine jewellery.

Manufacturing which includes intricate repairs, and re-setting precious stones, ensures that customer's total needs and expectations are met.

Ben is very proud of his work and heritage, and states "The opportunity to create an item that is a showpiece for customers throughout Australia as well as overseas, gives a great sense of achievement".