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These gorgeous gems are universal in their appeal, and the colour, shape and size of pearls is limited only by Mother Nature herself. Available in so many shades, either natural or treated, LPJ can further enhance the wear ability of pearls by combining precious metals, gemstones, rondells, or a stunning pearl clasp. Any of these combinations will ensure a strand of eye-catching appeal, offering great pleasure to the wearer.

And if your pearl strand or bracelet is broken, bring them to us, and Genevieve will clean, knot or rethread as necessary, and restore your pearls to their former beauty.

Strands of pearls are gorgeous at any time, but with the addition of stone set pearl clasps, they take on a glamour all of their own. Appealing and eye-catching, these beautiful clasps have stunning lustre, with stones especially chosen for the clasp size and shape, rectangular, round or oval.

Pearl clasps can be incorporated into single, double or triple strands, as these examples show. Natural peridot, blue topaz, amethyst, turquoise, garnet, citrine or coral. Your choice is unlimited. All you have to decide is the colour. We do the rest.



Pearls have amazing versatility. Round gem stones can also feature, and can be changed easily to suit seasonal style and colour. Add a personal touch to your existing pearls, with beautifully cut precious and semi-precious gem stones.

Tourmaline has a richness in colour variation, with colours often appearing in layers. Reds are the most valuable, but all shades of green, yellow brown to dark brown, and blue of many shades, makes tourmaline a choice for an astute buyer.

Rhodolite Garnets with pink pearls, Labradorite with white pearls, or Rose Quartz with pink pearls, the choice is endless, but the results are timeless.



As an alternative to pearls, Mother Nature in all her glory can offer you the most desired and unique colour and shape, in rough-cut and polished semi-precious stones. Lapis Lazuli, Variscite, Chrysocolla or Cornelian, as featured here, are only a sample of the limitless variety of colour and texture. What would you like?

Add a touch of gold, or silver to enhance the detail and beauty in each stone, and your necklet will be stunning.