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The success of small business is determined almost without question, by the people who work in it. Launceston Precision Jewellers Pty. Ltd. has gathered the experience, knowledge, and passion for the industry of jewellery manufacturing, from a family heritage of craftsmen since 1882.

John Edward Piper began as a watchmaker in that year, and established a business in The Quadrant in Launceston. His son, Julius Norman Piper gained an apprenticeship as an engraver, and many residents in this city will have examples of beautiful hand engraving crafted by this gentleman.

Julius had two sons, John and Graeme Piper. John followed his father's skill in engraving, and Graeme developed his love and interest in jewellery, working with precious metals and only the finest in diamonds and gemstones.

The brothers, along with their father formed the business of J.N.Piper and Sons.

Robert and Lynda's son Ben, works from his grandfather Graeme's bench.

There, he and his mentor Graham Frankcom (Noddy) have formed an excellent working partnership, and together continue the highest standards of manufacturing. Trust, knowledge and skill, ensure that customers jewellery remains in the safest hands.

Ben's flair for design is at the forefront of his discussions with customers. He goes to great lengths to explain, and discuss with them the intricacies of his craft, thereby ensuring a successful and pleasing outcome.